Welcome to On this site you will find irssi scripts for use on Mac OS X and For help on using these scripts please follow this link. All scripts I release have a help feature to list the available commands for them: /itunes help (or) /url help

These scripts are considered DonationWare. This means that if you use these scripts on a regular basis and would like to see more built for irssi, please consider donating some money. I have a PayPal account set up for those who would like to help the development of these scripts ( In a perfect world, I would think $5 per script sounds pretty fair. I can't track who downloads what, and how many, so this pricing is up to you. If you want to send more/less or nothing, that's entirely up to you. I have tools I use as well that need to be updated and paid for on a regular basis, so beyond putting some food on the table, these Donations will probably go towards other Programs. The major reason these are online and available to you is that I hope someone besides myself finds these scripts useful.

The following scripts are currently available:

iTunes Controller


  • Boot - Turn on iTunes.
  • Quit - Shut down iTunes.
  • Play - Play songs.
  • Pause - Pause iTunes.
  • Stop - Stop iTunes.
  • Rewind - Rewind current track to start of song.
  • Search - Search for songs/artists/albums.
  • Playlist - List, Change, or Stats (has iPod specific commands as well)
  • Shuffle - Toggles Shuffle Status
  • Repeat - Changes Repeat to either One, All, or Off
  • Volume - Raise or lower volume settings (iTunes volume, not system volume)
  • Rating - Display or change the rating of the song currently playing

    Release Notes

  • Added 'rating' command. It takes a number between 0-5 or nothing at all. If nothing is passed, then it will display the rating for the current song. If the number given is 0, then the song will be given no stars.
  • 0.2.0    
  • Added 'me' command to print out info locally to the following commands:
  • /itunes stats me
  • /itunes stats ipod me
  • /itunes show me
  • /itunes playlist stats me
  • /itunes playlist ipod stats me
  • Added Irssi setable variables:
  • itunes_reply (which handles the replies to '!itunes'): either Yes or No
  • itunes_reply_type (which determines how the reply is sent): either Notice or Msg
  • 0.1.9    
  • Added stats for iPod: /itunes stats ipod
  • Added iPod Playlist List: /itunes playlist list ipod
  • Added iPod Playlist Change: /itunes playlist change ipod "Library"
  • 0.1.8    
  • Added Stream Info To Show Command
  • Rewrote Show Code
  • Added Playlist Stats: /itunes playlist stats
  • Added Number Formatting For Song Count
  • Cleaned up a lot of code
  • 0.1.7    
  • Added Shuffle Command: /itunes shuffle
  • Added Repeat Command: /itunes repeat all/one/off
  • 0.1.6    
  • Fixed a few print bugs that would occur if user was not in a channel.
  • Fixed !iTunes command.
  • 0.1.5    
  • Cleaned up code.
  • Uploaded To Verstion Tracker for first time.
  • 0.1.4    
  • Fixed Search Patterns. You can now search for multiple words.
  • 0.1.3    
  • Added Playlist command which will let you view all Playlists and Navigate to specific ones.
  • 0.1.2    
  • Removed Color Globals.
  • Added irssi Theme format
  • Removed version numbering on load as well. Version is printed in: /itunes help
  • 0.1.1    
  • Added Color Globals
  • 0.1.0    
  • Uploaded to for the first time
  • 0.0.9    
  • Cleaned up most of the code
  • 0.0.8    
  • Added Help/Contact Notes
  • 0.0.7    
  • Converted Script from X-Chat Aqua to an irssi script
  • 0.0.6    
  • Fixed major problem with search function thanks to help from:
  • 0.0.5    
  • Added search feature for songs/artists/albumns see: /itunes help
  • 0.0.4    
  • Added stats: /itunes stats
  • 0.0.3    
  • Added catch to !iTunes reply. Responds differently depending on state of iTunes (playing/pause/stopped)
  • 0.0.2    
  • Added !iTunes reply to not load or display any info if iTunes is not currently running.
  • 0.0.1    
  • Going Through Tego's orignal script and rewriting it. No Structure Changes Made or Features Added
  • - Download from

    URL Tracker


    • Creates list of URLs posted into irc channels.
    • Spam filter to filter our specific URLs.
    • Duplicate setting to stop tracking identical URLs.
    • Last command to pull up last URL that was posted.
    • Ability to Auto-Load URLs said in channels.
    • Nick tracking and the ability to list URLs said by a specific user.
    • Tracks URLs that were said in the channel that were directed towards you.

        Release Notes

  • Added 70+ Top Level Domains instead of the 5 or so it had.
  • 1.0.0    
  • Added Nick Tracking. /url list nick (example: /url list NO_PULSE) Will return all URLs posted by that nick. Note: If dupe filter is on, you may expect a URL said by one person, but couldve been said by someone else earlier in the day.
  • Added the ablility to find URLs that someone has said to you /url list me
  • 0.0.9    
  • Added Auto Setting: Will auto load any URL's said in channel
  • 0.0.8    
  • Added 'copy' command to script which will copy a URL to the clipboard
  • 0.0.7    
  • Created All settings into Irssi editable fields using /set command(s). See: /url help
  • Fixed a few print bugs that would occur if user was not in a channel.
  • 0.0.6    
  • Added Clear setting: Will Clear out old URLs everytime script is loaded.
  • 0.0.5    
  • Added Dupe settings & Cleaned Some Code
  • 0.0.4    
  • Added some Anti-Spam Stuff
  • 0.0.3    
  • Cleaned some stuff up, and uploaded to for the first time.
  • 0.0.2    
  • Now Grabs /quit, /me, and regular messages
  • 0.0.1    
  • Overhauled Simple Script
  • - Download from


    These scripts are released as-is. If you are having problems running this script, here is some help I can offer, though I can't promise this will work so dont complain to me if it doesn't:
    • Make sure you have the following set when you compile irssi:
      If you already have irssi compiles the easiest way to check to see if you have perl support is to type:
      You will get an 'unknown command' error if you dont, and possibly something like 'no scripts running' if you do.
    • I used DarwinPorts to install irssi. After DarwinPorts is installed, find the Portfile for irssi. It is probably at:
      Change the text to read:
      Then, go to and type:
          sudo port install irssi
      If you already had irssi installed, but it is without perl support, you can uninstall irssi, and then install it again after changing the portfile. To uninstall irssi through darwinports try:
          sudo port uninstall irssi
    • irssi scripts need to be placed into the following dir(s):
      If you want it to autoload put the file into:
      If you want it to be able to load it yourself put it in:
      You will then need to run the command:
          /script load
      To get to: ~/.irssi hit:
          cmd-shift-g and type in:
      If you dont already have a scripts dir or autorun dir, you will need to create them.